A glass and ceramic artist living and working in Banff National Park, Canada.

Utilising craft as my connection, I create work that captures my perceived phenomenological experiences of time, spirituality and land.


With a reverence for nature, the work I create hopes to encapsulate human connections to land and time through depicting the deep marks of mountains and water on land. Made with love and imagination, my works attempts to deal directly with concepts of my identity in relation to the land I reside.


Each piece made is carefully considered, designed and made with love. My goal is to make your favourite functional ware that you can't live with out. For both your personal and corporate needs.


Only when I create am I content. Here are a few selected works of my journey.


Photo credit: Chris Boha, Alberta College of Art and Design

Artist Statement:


Provokingly creating ceramics and glass forms that reflect my surrounding environment.


Creating functional ceramics for all your personal and corporate needs

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The work created to get to where I am today